About Us

Our principal activity is to manufacture all kind of dry type transformer

with different winding configuration such as Dyn11, Dzn0... etc in Data Centre.
Beside transformer in Data Centre, DC system is one of our strong product including fabrication of UPS battery cabinet or rack as well as DC installation.
Further, we are proud to be the OEM Low Voltage Product for ABB since 2010.

The power quality for IT data center or other telecommunication applications has always entailed numerous problems and specific needs which are difficult to meet. The numerous problems we are referring for the usage of IT data center most commonly and can be categorized basically into various factors as following:

  • Harmonics
  • Inrush Current
  • Common Mode Noise Attenuation

Maximum Economic Efficiency For Customer

The above-mentioned factors at the incoming source power supply will usually somehow jeopardize the entire performance of the power quality. In order to achieve the maximum economic efficiency for customer’s application, building up a solid power quality grid is essential. Isolation Transformer has been chosen and designed to be one of the most important components for the electrical application.

Customize Make All Kind Of Dry Type Isolation Transformers

MultiPower Distribution (MP) transformer is designed and fabricated to meet all the IT application specifications. We customize make all kind of dry type isolation transformers with different configuration such as Dyn11, Dyn5 and Dzn0 and of course, we are specialize in designing and building the isolation transformer to accommodate the above 3 factors that influent the power quality.